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October 26, 2022

Meet in the lobby at 2:40 pm

KAT Electric Bus / Charging Infrastructure Tour

The Knoxville Area Transit (KAT) team will showcase Knoxville’s new electric bus infrastructure. Participants will ride a KAT bus to a charging station while transportation officials describe the logistics and numerous benefits of this investment in sustainable mobility.

With their zero-emission drive, this fleet operates with 100% electric propulsion. Each electric bus helps us prevent nearly 300,000 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions in our community annually. That's like planting 2,283 trees.

Host: KAT Staff
Location: Meet in lobby

October 27, 2022

Meet in the lobby at 3:30 pm

Urban Renewal Impact Tour

Urban Renewal was established under Title I of the Housing Act of 1949. The federal government granted assistance and loans to local communities wanting to eliminate slums, urban blight, and substandard housing. Yet, the devastating consequences, that disproportionately targeted minority communities through eminent domain, resulted in the displacement of many families. Urban Renewal came to an end in 1974 but the ramifications of Urban Renewal continues.

The Beck Cultural Exchange Center will host this tour, beginning with a 20-minute film about the local impacts of Urban Renewal programs on Knoxville’s Black heritage and landscape. Following that, participants will take a walking and driving tour of significant sites, as Rev. Renee Kesler provides historical context and shares the work being done now to preserve, teach and continue Black history and culture in Knoxville.

Where: Meet in lobby
Host: Beck Cultural Center Staff

Ends at 5:30

October 27, 2022

Meet in the lobby at 3:30 pm

South Waterfront / Sevier Ave. Redevelopment Bike Tour

This tour will view progress along the Sevier Avenue corridor, including new developments, and an ongoing streetscape project. Highlights include: the beautiful new Suttree Landing Park, greenways, new boat launch and pavilion, all from the seat of your E-bike or E-scooter! This tour will cover roughly four miles.

Much of the development was spurred by The Knoxville South Waterfront Vision Plan, adopted in 2006. The Vision Plan describes a long-term improvement strategy for an approximate 750-acre area fronting the 3-mile shoreline of the Tennessee River, directly south of downtown Knoxville and the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

Where: Meet in lobby
Hosted by
  • Ellen Zavisca, PTP
  • City of Knoxville Staff
Ends at 5:00