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October 26, 2022

New TN Statute / Legislative Update

New TN statute regarding Nollan-Dolan test and Subdivision Regulations (and ROW dedications) + Legislative Update
CM - 1.5 (L - 1)


2:40 pm - 4:10 pm


Salon B



Rick Gregory

Rick has been a planning director for Wilson County, Lebanon, Watertown and Goodletsville. In retirement, Rick contracts with other jurisdictions. Rick also learned at the foot of Bill Terry, FAICP. Bill provided invaluable assistance in creating today‚Äôs presentation. 

Esq., AICP

Sam H. Edwards

Sam has been a planner in various positions since 1972 and an attorney since 1991. Sam is retired (mostly a failure at the retirement part) from full time work as a planner, lawyer, bureaucrat and lobbyist. Sam learned at the foot of the Godfather of planning in Tennessee, Bill Terry, FAICP.