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October 28, 2022

Balancing Sustainable Development and Immediate Development Needs in Long-term Planning

CM - 1 (SR - 1)


1:45 pm - 2:45 pm


Salon B



Waleed Albakry

Director of Planning & Community Development//City of Shelbyville, Tennessee

Waleed Albakry is the Director of Planning & Community at the City of Shelbyville, Tennessee (TN). Before moving to TN, he held different professional jobs in Canada, including a Team Lead for at the City of Kingston, Ontario,   a Senior Planner at the City of Grand Prairie, Alberta, and as a Community Planner at the City of Brandon, Manitoba. He also worked as a Planning Assistant at the City of Winnipeg, and Bridgeman Collaborative, Winnipeg. His other experiences include volunteering at both the CUI the Canadian Urban Institute and the CLI Canadian Land Institute. Waleed holds a master’s degree in City Planning from the University of Manitoba and is a Member of both the Canadian Institute of Planners and the American Institute of Certificated Planners (AICP). He is also a certified public participation practitioner by IAP2 (International Association of Public Participation).